EIGHT30 30 Mon Guerlain Edt Bloom Of Rose h&m sweater zara skirt heels intercontinental hotel tel aviv


“Oh, the places you’ll go!” – Dr Seuss once said.

But who wants to venture out? Allow me to stay in my zone of comfort – so familiar and safe. No risk, no challenge, no effort – let me just scatter my days in the wind. As surprising as it may sound – most of us sin with these thoughts, and lately I found myself justifying – and almost convincing myself that the familiar and safe is the right place for me.

But the time has come to recalculate my route and reinvent myself. That’s how start-ups are – one day you’re a star and one day you run out of funds. Time to face complicated questions such as: what do you want to do? What do you love? What are your passions?

EIGHT30 30 Mon Guerlain Edt Bloom Of Rose h&m sweater zara skirt heels intercontinental hotel tel aviv red roses

In the previous round, I quit my place of work after ten years, and went on a journey that concluded with me realizing that the world is my oyster and that my dreams have no boundaries. So, how is it that although I’ve accumulated so much experience, I still try to avoid making the first step and fear the unknown?

I guess a whole world of options is a confusing thing, and on the road to reaching our goals, benchmarks and fulfilling our vision – seldom do we stop and smell the roses along the way. We’re so concerned with the next big thing that we forget “life is a collection of experiences”, as my friend Vered so wisely says. We avoid appreciating what we have and cherishing achievements and little triumphs on the road to our destination… And the road – the road is long and winding.

EIGHT30 30 Mon Guerlain Edt Bloom Of Rose sweater zara skirt heels intercontinental hotel tel aviv

While we’re on the subject of wondrous places, sometimes it seems as though my friends at James Richardson – Duty Free can read my mind. A knock on the door last week and one brown bag, made me realize that spring is near and along with it – the time of bloom and opportunity for change.

EIGHT30 30 Mon Guerlain Edt Bloom Of Rose intercontinental hotel tel aviv

 Mon Guerlain Edt Bloom Of Rose – the fourth perfume in the Mon collection that is being launched these days by luxurious beauty brand, Guerlain, continues to explore the different facets of femininity, this time focusing on “fulfillment”. The composition of fragrances celebrates the pleasure of being yourself, just as you are – living life to the fullest.

Femininity is ever-changing, changing form throughout life, according to Guerlain. There’s no room for fixation. The new fragrance represents the femininity of the freed powerful, daring and courageous woman, who’s also radiant, happy, individual and proud – in short, this perfume is the breath of fresh air I needed to stand up straight and let myself bloom.

EIGHT30 30 Mon Guerlain Edt Bloom Of Rose h&m sweater zara skirt heels intercontinental hotel tel aviv red roses

Before I stop to smell the roses, allow me to share a few words about the French brand Guerlain, whose majority of products can be found at James Richardson – Duty Free.

For nearly two hundred years Guerlain have been concocting fragrances and producing – with love – luxurious skin and beauty products, that draw inspiration from women and various materials, the most prominent being the rose – symbol of femininity. A legacy of skin care, produced in France, which started with a meeting between two alchemists: bees – nature’s alchemists, and Pierre François Pascal Guerlain – alchemist of beauty. In 1829 (!) Guerlain manufactured perfume for the empress for her wedding celebration with the emperor – Napoleon the 3rd. He embellished the bottle with embossed bees and since then – the bee became the symbol of house Guerlain and it’s motive to committing to sustainable development.

Nowadays, Thierry Wasser – house Guerlain’s master of perfume, explores the world in search of luxurious materials to compose symphonies of scent.

EIGHT30 30 Mon Guerlain Edt Bloom Of Rose sweater zara skirt heels intercontinental hotel tel aviv

In the new scent in the Mon series – Bloom of Rose, which can be found at James Richardson – Duty Free, petals of a Bulgarian Rose flower – considered to be of highest quality among the many rose types – were refined. The unique rose, that has a fresh and floral scent – slightly reminiscent of berries, was combined with Neroli (Orange Blossom) that adds “poetics and shine to the compound” = according to Guerlain. Its’ fresh and floral scent is reminiscent of freshly picked Orange Blossom, so the result is a perfume with fresh scent, cheerful and very feminine. A spring bouquet of white flowers, uplifted by Lavender and ruled by the Royal Rose.

As for the bottle that characterizes all the bottles that are part of the Mon collection, its shape was inspired by one of the iconic perfumes that were created by the company back in 1908. The bottle creates harmony through contrast, as if echoing the many facets of femininity – the sharp and taut lines of the bottle and the roundness of the lid, density and lightness, the transparency of the light that penetrates through the glass and the pink shade of the perfume.

EIGHT30 30 Mon Guerlain Edt Bloom Of Rose h&m sweater zara skirt heels intercontinental hotel tel aviv

As mentioned, the Mon perfume collection includes four perfumes, that can be distinguished by the color of the ribbon that wraps the bottle. In the collection you can also find the EAU DE PARFUM – labeled with a gold ribbon, characterized by lavender notes combined with sensual vanilla, that create a sense of valor and freshness. The Arabian Jasmin gives the perfume its’ softness and the sandalwood provides the power and maintains the mystery.

EAU DE PARFUM FLORALE – adorned by a light pink ribbon, is characterized by a dominant aroma of Arabian Jasmin and fresh Lavender, mixed with light Peony. A bouquet of sun kissed florals with a sensual note of Vanilla to power up the ensemble.

EAU DE TOILETTE – with a silver ribbon, offers a sparkling citrus (Mandarine) accord, that combines the freshness of Lavender with the depth of the Arabian Jasmin, with hints of Vanilla.

To sum things up, let’s celebrate our achievements (even the smallest) as they do at Guerlain.

Give ourselves an opportunity for change, to bloom and flourish.

For life is happening here and now.  

Mon Guerlain Edt Bloom Of Rose 50ml Spray AVAILABLE AT james richardson duty free for 77$



Eyeglasses: ray ban – luxottica / Earrings: Paula Bianco – Custom Jewelry

purple sweater: H&M / camel-colored sweater, SKIRTs & shoes: zara


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