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July 2017

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Good morning to all the dreamers!

Yes, Yes… you out there. You with the amazing ideas that wake up every morning, waiting for happiness, but life doesn’t have any room in the calendar for it.

So there are reasons, excuses, detailed explanations, but between us – Why not now?

Are you moving uncomfortably in your seat right now? GOOD! But before everything, it should be made clear – There is no need for sharp movements, embarking on financial adventures or quitting your job, god forbid. You can try, taste, test and make decisions later.  By the way, after the decision has been made, it’s advised to ask questions. To check whether the path you have chosen leads you to the place you were aiming for, or whether it’s appropriate to examine a change of course. 

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A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday (38th, just in case you we’re wondering) A total carnival that started with a Coldplay concert in Warsaw and finished with a fancy garden party in Tel Aviv. I don’t know about you, but for me, this whole age thing has always been somewhat of a joke. After all there isn’t any logical way to explain all the changes that have been happening to me in the last year, let’s not assume that the "middle age crisis" has come early :-)

On the other hand, for those who claim I look younger for my age, I always say – “late bloomer”.

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Congratulations! Your best friend is getting married (or your sister, brother, boss… it doesn’t really matter) you want to look stunning… but then, these annoying voices start swirling around in your head – “I have to find a unique dress. Dress?! Why a dress? All the girls are gonna wear dresses. Overalls! Yes, that's it. Tight black overalls. Black?! Probably everyone’s gonna wear black. I need color! Something fresh, interesting, stylish! And most important, it should look effortless! I have to sparkle! But I have nothing to wear!!!”

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