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January 2016

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You know those mornings where you stand in front of the closet a little lost, scanning all the clothes in there and they throw you back this blank stare, lazily curled up inside themselves, and mutter back at you "Leave us alone… not today". Those mornings when your closet look a pale, outdated and sleepy, so much that even your pajamas look like a pretty good option and even matches perfectly with the carpet in the office?

I'll let you in on a little secret, I have a little trick I keep for those days where your body woke up before your head, those "I have nothing to wear" days – ACCESSORISE!

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eight30 - shades of grey - twin set - zara - h.stern


I want to open with an apology.
For months now I have been writing about my love for colors and urged you to be creative, step out of the mold, be bold and abandon the routine and the "gray". But between us, life is not black or white, and there's really no need for something else to come at the expense of another… there are many shades of gray.

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eight30 - Little black dress - juicy couture - h.stern - valentino


What is it with women and the little black dress (also known as LBD)?!
I checked, and I must have at least twenty of these in my closet. Dresses, black, small, all types and cuts – wide, tight, long, short, cheap and expensive.
When it comes to the LBD I'm sure I'm not special or different from any other woman, so what's the deal?! Why do we obsessively collect little black dresses and even prefer them, often, over other types of dresses or other garments? How did the little black dress become the most common item in every woman's closet?

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