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December 2016

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Chanel Fashion House invited me to meetup while I was in Paris. From here to there… a collaboration happened :- )

"On what planet are you on?!" you're probably asking yourselves.

Between us, I'm asking myself the same thing. The far-fetched sequence of experiences that has been following me over the last month is so surreal that I'm actually laughing at myself as I'm writing these words and saying to myself – "who's gonna believe me?"

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eight30 - velvet dress jacket heels - h.stern - chanel makeup - castro - zadig & voltaire - the poli house hotel tel aviv


You know that moment when you look at a picture from your past, embarrassed and say to yourself "My god, I can't believe I once looked like that?"

I'll give you a hint, it's usually the picture from some school party, an overnight trip or a family event, those you prepared for, and spent time, hours and thoughts in front of the mirror.

I have a few pictures like that, but the most memorable one, is the one most taken, during my recruitment party for the army – dressed in a purple, velvet maxi dress, brown colored lipstick, long hair and thin eyebrows, you can't get anymore embarrassing than that! By the way, for years that miserable picture was shown to every passerby in my dad's office (dad if you haven't destroyed it yet, this is the time to do so).

What was I thinking when I put together that heavy look?! There's no way that I actually thought I looked fashionable and cool… but then velvet came back to my life.

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