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October 2015

eight30 - Culottes acne studios h&m maison marlin margiela


Recently I've been finding myself facing a lot of doubts. The newspaper headlines and media sites highlighting the worsening security issues in our state and the streets seem tense and somewhat angry, so publishing leisure and fashion posts suddenly seemed a little strange and out of place.
On the other, it's precisely in times like these that there are those who seek an out from these harsh feelings, a kind of optimistic place to stay in…
Personally, I do not like to be angry and frustrated. Not in life and not with clothes.

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eight30 OBERSON


Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv.
What hasn't been written about this amazing city?! "A Fashion capital", "a beating heart", "a bubble"…
Fashion Week was held last week in Tel Aviv and Israel's finest fashion designers (and esteemed guests from overseas) gathered here for three days to present the fruits of their labour to buyers, journalists, fashion bloggers and other guests.
After finding a solution to the eternal question – "what to wear ???" I made it to some of the shows, and in this short time I was able to connect with them after work hours.

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eight30 colorfull h&m marc jacobs michael kors stripes


There is something gloomy about autumn. the hot summer is coming to it's end, trees are shedding their leaves and the days are getting shorter.
When you think about it, there is also something very fashionable about this season. Before shedding, the trees turn into brilliant pillars of gold and orange, like a one off colorful fashion show designed to disappear off the shelves in a short time.

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eight30 white jacket outfit mango juicy couture zucker marc jacobs


I don't know about you but I've always associated white or cream with purity and festiveness, it's probably a matter of culture and tradition.
So now that these holidays are over and the next holiday, Passover will be in April (… I know Hanukkah is in December, Tu Bishvat in Jan and Purim in March. But between us, a holiday without a significant work break doesn't really count in my eyes ;-))
So what do we do with all this white we bought  ?!

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eight30 fringe black h&m alexander wang


First thing that pops to mind when I hear fringe – Tina Turner!
There isn't another woman in the world that is best known for that trend and the way to best capitalize on its advantages, more than her
(yes that's right, I grew up in the 80's).
Maybe it's due to the mesmerizing movement of those thin strips of fabric that we are blessed with a brief comeback of this flapping trend on the runways every few years.

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