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March 2016

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They say that Lawyers sometimes can really go on. As a lawyer, I can't confirm or deny that rumor, of course, but there are some days where I wonder how is it that no one has come up with an application to cancel out all unnecessary background noises, gets rid of all the nonsense and delivers the cold hard bottom line on a silver platter.

Like many people, I also think that one should adopt certain seriousness, depth, professionalism and promptness in life… but what about all the nonsense!?

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(or…not every day is Purim)

Tomorrow we'll be celebrating PURIM, my favorite holiday! …Between us, all the rest of the holidays are downers.

As the years go by, I find this holiday happier and more important. I guess on this day adults put on their costumes in order to "shed" the everyday masks and defenses (can't believe I just referred to myself as an "adult").

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Today is International Woman's Day. I thought to myself "how this day and femininity in all its glory should be celebrated?" I remember those nights when I entertained the thought of launching a fashion blog and in particular, I remember that empowered feeling that filled me up, since it was up to me to create a magazine that would be used to promote self-love and empowerment. A source of inspiration for us to live our lives as independent, opinionated and successful women.

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The Israeli winter is a bit deceiving, actually it seems to me that this is the only country in the world where you can actually sun bake at the peak of winter and a week later get a chest infection from the freezing cold.

It could just be the Israeli essence – varied and unpredictable, sometimes even extreme and mostly prevents you from staying in your comfort zone. Maybe it's even the essence of creation – One moment the sun is shining, nature blossoms, and the next the sky darkens and you're flooded.

Now, take that minor detail into consideration and try to manage a fashion blog …

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