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September 2015

eight30 COOLA comme il faut spa feet


Once, we used to send postcards. Write ourselves in as neat handwriting as possible, and describe our great experiences reserved to distant lands, written on top of a spectacular and colorful image.
I spent the holiday break here in Tel Aviv, so I really wanted to write about my exciting experiences. About the city that swept me in and about the quiet, calm and rest that made my days so pleasant, but none of that really happened …

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eight30 castro white bicycle mango dress


This year, during the holiday period, I decided to make the city my destination.
For a few months now I've been looking enviously at the tourists that decorate our city streets, during my lunchtime and on the way to work, and I promised myself that next time I'm gonna vacay in Tel Aviv!

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eight30 eight30 Épicerie fine h&m dress tory burch bag celine heels

l’shana tova

(Happy new year)

The new year always gets me filled with emotions and infuses me with high hopes for the coming year, that me and my loved ones will prosper, realize our dreams, love, rejoice, bloom and that goodness shall be all around.
The week before Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year) brings about a special festivity which is characterized by the ritual search for the best holiday recipe, finding the perfect gift for the hosts and of course the existential question "Where will you spend the holidays?"
An important part of the ritual, reserved for this special week, is to find an evening dress for the holiday meal… It is well known that the new year cannot begin without an oil stain or a wine stain on the new dress ;- )

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eight30 blue dress MICHAEL KORS h.stern


September is here and you feel like wearing something light and beautiful… So let's talk maxi and midi -length dresses.

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