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August 2016

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  Every morning when I wish you all good morning, I think to myself where it is that I meet you? With the morning coffee? On the way to the office? In the middle of an important department meeting?

If we're talking about one particular career woman then one thing is definitely clear – She's already managed to get up to date with all the latest, listen to the morning show, blow dry her hair, straighten it, put on THE perfect outfit and make it to the office while reading every email and message possible. All that after an extremely short night because she simply had to stay up and watch the most popular TV show. In other words – meet Attorney at Law Liat Golan.

A few weeks ago I decided to expose, in a series of articles, these secret career women club members who are a constant source of inspiration to me.

WARNING: The following article is not for the faint hearted! ;- )

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One of the most important things I've learned over the years is to be organized, to anticipate moves and get ready for them. It worked for me during school, managing complex projects at work and in life itself. Over the years I became the world champion of lists and tables, marking and highlighting (the closest I can get to the Olympic Games). So much so that each vacation, party or photoshoot was treated as a military operation, organized and scheduled like clockwork. That's how it is, I was and always will be a little pedantic ;- )

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Two Scoops of Vacation with sunshine on Top

A few weeks ago I went on vacation with my friends after a (too) long period where I didn't allow myself to rest or simply lounge around. I stepped off the high heels, let my feet detach from the ground, removed formality from myself and for a week I spent my days in the wind. I ate, laughed, danced, experienced, saw, ate again, bought and couldn't get enough of it.

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Good morning, it's eight thirty and it's time to shine!

Before you escape the hot summer sun rays that penetrate the neon office spaces, let's talk about how much you let yourself glow? yes, to shine, from the inside and out.

So ok, you might not be that crazy jumpy girl at the full moon parties in Thailand, you've swapped the colorful body paint with highlighters, tags and sticky notes and threw away, a long time ago, that GAZOZ or OP Tshirt that you got as a present in junior high, but what does all this have to do with your desire to feel great?!

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