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July 2015

love - eight30 - h.stern

live a little love a lot

Tomorrow is Tu B'Av.
Unlike what is generally believed, it is not the Jewish version of the romantic Valentine's day, but it is a holiday of reconciliation and love.
Reconciliation – what a big word; it took me much struggle and coming to terms with myself, to clear the cynicism and understand that ego is a dangerous thing.
And love – I believe in it with all its clichés, "Only love draws love", "I have love and it shal prevail " or whatever.
This Tu B'Av, I decided to celebrate the reconciliation and love with little gifts to myself. Egoistic?! …maybe, but I hope you do it too.
Love yourself, you deserve it, leave moodiness to others  :- )

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"Clothes make the man", "you have to dress for success"… that’s all true, but who said it has to be boring?!
Dressing up for a serious and demanding work, in a presentable manner that make you look professional and responsible can also be cool, interesting and with style. You just need to be bold enough and to think outside the box.
In my opinion, almost any color may be suitable for formal meetings, provided that the shape is proper and brings out the best in you, and that the garment is made of quality fabric.
Besides, aren’t you sick of wearing blue, gray, black and tan?!

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EIGHT30 - SAMMER ROMANCE - roni kantor


An intensive and dynamic work environment, such as an investment house, requires a strong and assertive presence which is also expressed by looks.
But there are days where I feel like being different… soft, feminine and romantic.
On such days I wear dresses with an airy shape or loose clothes, made of soft fabrics, suitable for the hot summer days. This creates an elegant, comfortable and light look.
To maintain formality and add a luxurious tone, I put on some sparkling accessories… and most importantly – a smile! The most beautiful piece of jewelry you can wear.

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Hat in French / common use – "well done"
You're a career woman, hard-working, still you manage to combine professionalism, responsibility, commitment, family, friends, being feminine, style and fashion. Amazing! Chapeau!
But… which Chapeau?!
I collected some popular hats for you, so you can choose your own ;- )


I love going outside on my lunch break. It's is a great way to get some fresh air, and thaw a little after being frozen by the office's air conditioners (what's up with guys and freezing rooms in summer?!), spend some time in the sun and escape the rough fluorescent lights.
The short break recharges me, allows me to experience the city and it is of course an excellent opportunity to wear my hat.
For me, a hat is not reserved only for a day at the beach or intended only for protection against sun damage, it is a fashion item on its own, worn even in the shade, adding lots of style to any outfit.
Coco Chanel once said, "A woman's education consists of two lessons: never leave the house without stocking, never go out without a hat".
Coco, I'm all in!

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