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July 2015

project runway - shenkar 2015

project runway

This week was filled with events and launches, so I found myself bouncing between two identities back and forth – a serious lawyer during the day and a fashion and style enthusiast in the evening. 
Among all the fashion events I attended, one stood out in particular that and left me speechless – the final works show of the Fashion Design Department graduates at Shenkar.
The catwalk displayed 34 spectacular, avant-garde, daring collections, filled with imagination and color, to an extent that for a moment it was hard to believe that these were just students. 
While most of the displayed garments would have certainly caused my colleagues to wonder about me, if I were to show up to work wearing one (…worth a try), they certainly gave me a lot of inspiration and a desire to look for a solid and relevant version for everyday life.
To give you a clue, I gathered a small collection of the ones I liked best.
ethnic print


For years I avoided wearing colorful ethnic prints.
I thought they were noisy, flashy and most of all, not suitable for the business environment in which I work.
Over the years I've learned that if you combine a colorful print with a serious, solid colorful piece, not only will you get a serious and business look & feel, but also a cheerful look, with a personal statement.
Of course, this doesn’t work with any print or any item, you must stick to high quality fabrics, solid patterns and most importantly – keep the "joy and happiness" in one area.

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packing for business trip

did you pack it yourself?

In the past, when I had to travel or fly I used to stare at my suitcase, completely lost, and wait for someone to save me.
But don't worry, one year as a flight attendant changed everything – every two-three days a flight to a different destination, hot weather, then cold, I learned a thing or two!
So what and how to pack for a business trip?
…Here are some packing tips

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Business trip #2

I love hotels – a well designed lobby, a tidy room, chocolates on the pillow, wake-up call by a receptionist and a delightful breakfast.
I guess it's true, the setting does make a difference.
So if you're traveling on a business trip, do yourself a favor – do it with style.

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