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April 2016

eight30 - izuv habait 04 2016 - zedka

izuv habait – israel

interior design magazine –  creative & production by me.

eight30 - maya negri - le corone - zara - zedka - hat


All the trees wore green and I wore jeans and a hat… Because I'M FINALLY ON VACATION!

How awesome is it to take a break and jump into weekend attire or the "Friday dress code" as I like to call it. Only those who work at a place that has a strict dress code will relate – There is one shelf, a small one, in my closet where my "freedom" clothes lay. The jeans, the singles, T-shirts and all my other favorite items that don't make it into the office.

During the week I find myself looking, and not just once, at that shelf and even incorporate one of those items with my tailored office look. Though there isn't a better feeling than packing your suitcase full of holiday clothes.

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eight30 - michael kors - white jacket - spring - tommy hilfiger


In a few days we will put on our best outfit, gather around a table and ask "Why is this night different from all the other nights?"

That's actually a good question. Why is this night different?

There are things that I guess will never change, like the muddy rain on a sparkly clean window before "Seder" night, or that existential discussion on whether to "continue to read the "Agada" (tale) after the meal?"

Though a season has passed, Spring is blooming around us and change is in the air. So what awaits us in Spring – Summer 2016? And what awaits me??

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eight30 - zara - Joseph Haver Optometrist - zedka - Le Corone


Over the last couple of months I've been jumping between worlds and assessing my place in both of them – the Capital Market and the Fashion World.

Sometimes, I let myself dream and fantasize about "what would happen if…" but to be honest, my thoughts never wondered as far as the surprising and exciting events that happened this past week.

It all started with a phone call from Zedka Designs, who asked me to put together a fashionable concept and produce and model for their new PR and Marketing campaign. Though the surprises kept rolling in with a personal message from the President of Chloé Fashion House, which led on to an exciting meeting full of long and deep conversations with one of the most fascinating men I ever met. Thank god for the Internet!

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eight30 - mom - alice - aristo shmat


There's a saying that says – if you want to know what you would look like twenty years from now, look at your mother.

Daddy don't take this the wrong way, but I really hope this saying is right!  

Although, my mother does run a beauty salon and is somewhat of a guru in the pampering and style departments which makes my wrinkle potential even higher as a capital market lawyer. But if we investigate the matter further, a long road awaits me to be the career woman/mom/successful and inspiring wife like her.

… I just hope that I will know how to operate the TV remote control better (what is it with Moms and electronics ?!).

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