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December 2015

eight30 PENNY BLACK Numéro 13 - TOUPY (PARIS) LOUIS VUITTON h.stern aldo


Let's have a chat about colors. I don't know about you but lately, every time I walk into a shop and see "exciting" colors (unique and bright) my indicator turns on and it doesn't let me continue on my way until the item is not picked up, packed up and taken away by me. Moreover, since my blog was "aired", I've published more articles that included colorful items than those that include a mix of dark colors and my Instagram gallery is very colorful … there's no doubt that this matter demands a psychological analysis itself, but recently I wondered, why do people limit themselves to only a small variety of colors and don't enjoy an endless sequence of colors instead?!

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eight30 Christmas h&m topshop zara hillatoledano prada

Ho Ho Ho!

Some of my friends are celebrating Christmas in a few days.
From time to time I write and share my holiday experiences and suddenly I noticed that not all my friends celebrate the same ones. Between you and me, that is a pretty awesome thing! Like that I get invited to more events and celebrations, and who am I to refuse a party or a good meal? ;- )
But the food… Ohhh the food… Why is it that every celebration has to include a table full of irresistible delicious goodness?!
In the holiday spirit I decided to offer a fashionable interpretation to the rigid office look that includes all the holiday attributes without looking like an over decorated Christmas tree.
So may it be a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year and if you need some help with present ideas, I'm here!
…Just don't forget to buy one for me.

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Every week I write myself. Offer ideas and inspiration to fashionable career women, and style lovers. I shoot, edit, cut and paste with extreme attention and care.
… And then, with one click, when the clock hits that exact moment, my thoughts and creations get a life of their own and become actors on the online stage, while I watch them from the other side of the keyboard with the hope they will win a response, a comment and a "like". It's amazing how much happiness and fulfillment a series of reactions, a face to face compliment or a personal letter can cause. This public with personal interaction ignites a fire in me, it fills me with renewed energy and joy of creation, despite the complicated birth process.
This week I decided to share a behind the scenes glimpse into my sources of inspiration and share my daily routine, my thoughts and show you all some pics from my life.
Have fun  ;- )

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eight30 - STUDIO82 - TWIN SET – Simona Barbieri - PENNY BLACK - LOUIS VUITTON - H.STERN - zara


This week I was invited to a Hanukkah dinner at a friend's place. It's been a while since I've seen most of them and the thought of that, along with this special holiday and the guilty conscience over the amount of jam doughnuts and other sweets that will surely find their way to me, made me think about the place light and darkness have in my life.

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How are you at eight thirty in the morning?
I always say that the world is divided into two types of people – morning people and night people. There is, of course, the classic difference between winter and summer people, but for now let's focus on a few moments in the morning.
I'm not a morning person. This reaction may sound a bit surprising, since I chose to call my blog "EIGHT30", but this fact has a few incriminating signs – my alarm clock rings several times each morning, at ten minute intervals, and to me, that sleep between the rings is the sweetest. Usually, I plan what I will wear to work while I lay in bed and I'm pretty confident that this is a genius way to make the most of my time. I've actually developed pretty creative methods and ideas for dealing with this very complex event. One of them, by the way, is to get up two hours (!) before starting work and begin the morning calmly.
I noticed that my choice of outfit was heavily influenced by the way I woke up and the extent of how tired I was. So, I decided to experiment whether this would work in reverse. Would knowing that a new and beautiful piece of clothing that is waiting for me in my wardrobe, affect my effective and timely morning routine?

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