Every week I write myself. Offer ideas and inspiration to fashionable career women, and style lovers. I shoot, edit, cut and paste with extreme attention and care.
… And then, with one click, when the clock hits that exact moment, my thoughts and creations get a life of their own and become actors on the online stage, while I watch them from the other side of the keyboard with the hope they will win a response, a comment and a "like". It's amazing how much happiness and fulfillment a series of reactions, a face to face compliment or a personal letter can cause. This public with personal interaction ignites a fire in me, it fills me with renewed energy and joy of creation, despite the complicated birth process.
This week I decided to share a behind the scenes glimpse into my sources of inspiration and share my daily routine, my thoughts and show you all some pics from my life.
Have fun  ;- )

 the look
tick-tock, tick-tock trying to beat the clock
eight30 dressing upeight30 dressing up
my desk 
(…or women at work)
eight30 tel aviv eight30  staireseight30
It's Lunch Time!
eight30 lunch
Happy hour
work hard play hard –  hanukkah dinner party, birthday party & juicy couture presentation


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