“EIGHT30” is the time of transformation and reinvention, the time when most professional women are getting ready for, heading to, or arriving at work. It’s when the magic happens, fashionable and fabulous decisions are made, and the tone is set for the day ahead.

EIGHT30 fashion blog is the first in Israel that translates fashion trends into the formal business dress code. It offers a collection of lifestyle and fashion ideas, inspiration as well as tools to the working woman who wants to remain simultaneously professional and on trend.

Attorney at Law Kochavit Akunis, the founder of the successful fashion blog EIGHT30 and busy career woman, managed to crack the fashionable formula of personal success in the business world.

The content and topics covered in the blog collected by Kochavit over the years while she was trying to figure out how to balance being a lawyer in a male – dominated investment house and a style lover, as well as her desire to empower women like herself, encouraging them and to maximize their tools that promote their personal success, acceptance and self-love.

The mature design language of blog, as well as its unique rich writing style spoke to the hearts of several leading fashion brands worldwide, including H.Stern – a luxury jewelry brand, luxury fashion houses such as Chloé and Chanel, and of course leading global fashion magazines such as ELLE Mexico marked Kochavit as an Israeli blogger to keep an eye on.

Collaboration Opportunities

Production of content and creative – Initiate and develop campaign ideas (Digital) and create a multi-channel experience that will reach customers and prospects at any point of the launch and connect them to the brand. The service includes producing quality original content for brand managers – producing a newsletter, magazine articles, photography, content for social networks and more.

Marketing Content – Raising awareness and brand visibility through EIGHT30’s community of career women – the formulation and preparation of content that will be posted through a blog targeting a mature, fashionable amateur aesthetics and style loving audience, as well as promoting the brand on all of EIGHT30’s social media channels.

Lectures, meetings and workshops for women – Producing experiential sessions, team-building activities for organizations as well as preparing lectures on fashion and styling for career people.