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November 2015

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I've never worn jeans to work. When you think about it, I have, maybe, four pairs of jeans in my closet… if we don't count those goal jeans that I keep there just in case one day I manage to fit into them ;- )
I mean, If you actually think about it, I haven't worn jeans in the middle of the week for the past 10 years (at least!) not dark ones, black or white ones, expensive or cheap ones.
It's not like I have something against jeans, god forbid, it's actually the opposite. Jeans are "too cool" and that's exactly the thing! It's not them, it's me.

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(… Or image, patterns and everything in between)

A few weeks ago I met a friend for dinner. The evening began, of course, with my favorite game "Where did you buy that?" And after one got an answer regarding the other's outfit, we jumped into the conversation.
The meal is served, and with it the wine too and somewhere between entree and main, my friend told me about a man she had met. After she recounted the romantic story of how they met, she continued to list his pros and cons, then she turned to me and said – "So? Have you got someone?"

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