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May 2016

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June is coming up, and honestly I have no idea where did March, April and May have disappeared to… Where have I been?! What have I done???

This is not me complaining god forbid, and I really do love the summer, but this time around I just feel like it came really early, hasn’t it?

So before it gets too hot in here and we all start stripping our clothes off and spend time in the beach, before everyone in the office is leaving on a holiday with their kids or fly off to some bachelor party, and right before the battle of the sexes between men and women begins over how low we set the air-condition temperature – I wanted to share some fashionable tips for the upcoming season.

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"It's better to have failed miserably than to never have tried at all" – That is the sentence I wrote on my mirror about a year ago, so that every morning I would look at it and remember that my dreams will come true only if I let myself be bold and try.

Since then I tested my boundaries each day, I let myself step out of my comfort zone, it wasn't always easy, and to my surprise an exciting events started to gather, one after the other, that proved to me again and again that the whole world is at my feet.

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In a few days we will celebrate the Israeli Independence Day. I don't know about you, but we're talking about one of my favorite days of the year.

 Although hitting the streets might put you at risk of meeting a snotty teenager that might pull out the snow spray or crazy string spray on you, but what is this risk in comparison to the sheer pleasure of watching the torch lighting ceremony and bannerman, the fireworks displays, eating falafel and dancing to songs of "blue and white"? 

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There are combinations that only an Israeli can understand (forgive me my international friends who live overseas) – The siren that signifies a minute silence and fireworks. Memorial services and BBQs. Popular Israeli songs like "Every person has a name" and "Every day is a holiday".

 That's how it is, memorial days are woven into the fabric of our lives are an integral part of being Israelis. That's why I decided, on this special week, to publish a fashion post, only this time to dedicate it to those who unwillingly have shaped our unique history. To tell the story of one Jew, so that maybe through him we will remember those that were like him.

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