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Tomorrow is Tu B'Av.
Unlike what is generally believed, it is not the Jewish version of the romantic Valentine's day, but it is a holiday of reconciliation and love.
Reconciliation – what a big word; it took me much struggle and coming to terms with myself, to clear the cynicism and understand that ego is a dangerous thing.
And love – I believe in it with all its clichés, "Only love draws love", "I have love and it shal prevail " or whatever.
This Tu B'Av, I decided to celebrate the reconciliation and love with little gifts to myself. Egoistic?! …maybe, but I hope you do it too.
Love yourself, you deserve it, leave moodiness to others  :- )

 love - eight30 - seti
 tic tac toe set & candles: seti classic chic  eight30 - love - keren wolf - kolbo - asos
photo frame, Bookmarks & business cards case: keren wolf / 
skull money bank: asoseight30 - love - golf
photo frames: golf&co. 
eight30 -adika - asos - LK - ted
coffee notes & Ted Baker Brogue Notebook: asos / 
Colorful notebooks: adika / White notebook: lk -leetal kalmanson
love - eight30 - kisim - asos - JUD - yaffo tel aviv
ipad cases: style river & jud / wallet: kisim 
Pink and optimistic glasses: yaffo tel-aviv
love - eight30 - kolbo - cafe joe
Coffee thermos: kolbo / Jamaica Blue Mountain: Café Joe
featured image pendant: h.stern
צילום: יח"צ / דוויד ווילס / יונתן בלום / בועז לביא / טל קרת / אלכס קוצ'רנקו / ירון ויינברג / שחר פליישמן / שי נייבורג
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