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We were out on a fashion shoot day.

By “we” I mean Nimrod – my good friend and the talented photographer who has been accompanying me in the past year, a bunch of garments, and myself.

As like any other shooting days, we decided to meet on a Friday morning (which is the career women's day off), when this time the purpose was to shoot a fashion production dedicated to Shavuot holiday.

I woke up at 05:30AM (it’s amazing how I jump out of bed like an Olympic athlete for shooting days while on other days the alarm clock is tired of playing the same sound and begs for me to wake up and get my buttocks towards the shower), styled my hair, slowly put on my makeup and then, just when I started feeling like a model, went to load our production equipment into my private vehicle… Oh definitely! This is what you call the glamorous life! ;- )

We’ve arrived at the Cramim Resort & Spa Hotel full of energy and motivation, settled down quickly and started working. In between one ‘click’ to another we started, like always, to fool around and make fun of each other. To be honest, all we really wanted was to be on a vacation. We wanted to be just like all other hotel guests that have just finished their breakfast and made their way slowly into the garden, to relax in the sun and stare at the restless model and her funny photographer, who have offered a standup show on the world of fashion.

Little by little, without us noticing, our secret wish came true. For starters, lovely Michal offered us wine, because it “photographs well”. Then, dear Shalom made us an amazing meal because it “completes the composition”. Eventually, graceful Ya'arit offered us some cake, which matched perfectly to the concept of the article… and so, as we drank one glass after the other, the borderline between reality and imagination became blurry and we gradually became the hotel guests we so much wanted to be.

Now definitely! This is the glamorous life!

eight30 - cramim hotel - castro - wine - errocaeight30 - cramim hotel - castro - wine - erroca - h.stern

look by: castro / jewelry: H. STERN / SUNGLASSES: NINA RICCI – AVAILABLE AT erroca

eight30 - cramim hotel - castro - wine - erroca - h&meight30 - cramim hotel - castro - wine - erroca - h&m

OVERSIZED SHIRT: castro  / beach scarves: H&m / SUNGLASSES: DOLCE & GABBANA – AVAILABLE AT erroca

eight30 - cramim hotel -  CÉLINE - wine - erroca - h&meight30 - cramim hotel -  CÉLINE - wine - erroca - h&meight30 - cramim hotel -  CÉLINE - wine - erroca - h&m



thank you: cramim spa & wine

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