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You're probably familiar with this – The workday is over, the sun is refusing to set and you've decided to take advantage of the rest of the day and spend it in summer style.

You've left the office proud of yourself for the burst of spontaneity and the sudden zest for life, you fill your lungs with fresh air and suddenly a free spirit crosses your path. Her long flowy hair blowing in the wind, her legs light like a gazelle and before you could even say snapchat she throws this look your way, like an arrow hitting its target, and says "excuse me Ma'am"?

Excuse me??? Ma'am??? Do I look like a Madam to you!?

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We were out on a fashion shoot day.

By “we” I mean Nimrod – my good friend and the talented photographer who has been accompanying me in the past year, a bunch of garments, and myself.

As like any other shooting days, we decided to meet on a Friday morning (which is the career women's day off), when this time the purpose was to shoot a fashion production dedicated to Shavuot holiday.

I woke up at 05:30AM (it’s amazing how I jump out of bed like an Olympic athlete for shooting days while on other days the alarm clock is tired of playing the same sound and begs for me to wake up and get my buttocks towards the shower), styled my hair, slowly put on my makeup and then, just when I started feeling like a model, went to load our production equipment into my private vehicle… Oh definitely! This is what you call the glamorous life! ;- )

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Sea of documents surrounding me,

On my dress some drops of a pen’s ink,

Thousands of messages are waiting in my inbox,

Gladly in Shavuot I will get to rest.

(a take-off on the familiar shavuot holiday song)

Every time Shavuot holiday arrives, all magazines are then filled with young, glowing women with rosy cheeks. These photos always make me wonder who are these women, standing in the center of a golden crops field? Are they planning to sing in the gardens?

…I don’t know what about you, but in Tel Aviv there aren’t any corps fields, and also I haven’t really had the chance to jump around any fields lately. At the most, I found myself singing and dancing to some toddler songs with my young niece in the middle of the living room.

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"It's better to have failed miserably than to never have tried at all" – That is the sentence I wrote on my mirror about a year ago, so that every morning I would look at it and remember that my dreams will come true only if I let myself be bold and try.

Since then I tested my boundaries each day, I let myself step out of my comfort zone, it wasn't always easy, and to my surprise an exciting events started to gather, one after the other, that proved to me again and again that the whole world is at my feet.

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In a few days we will put on our best outfit, gather around a table and ask "Why is this night different from all the other nights?"

That's actually a good question. Why is this night different?

There are things that I guess will never change, like the muddy rain on a sparkly clean window before "Seder" night, or that existential discussion on whether to "continue to read the "Agada" (tale) after the meal?"

Though a season has passed, Spring is blooming around us and change is in the air. So what awaits us in Spring – Summer 2016? And what awaits me??

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