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Recalculating route

Last week I went back to the office.

I started a new position as the Marketing Manager of a large, influential law firm called GKH Law (or ”Gross“ – as it is known within the industry). 170 lawyers, a large administrative team, in short – madness.

And so – the transformation is complete!

I‘m going back to a law firm, but this time – in the right position ;-)

I don‘t know about you, but I never quite knew what I wanted to be when I grow up.

My path led to law practice by complete chance – I was certain I‘d be a diplomat, and that‘s also how I built my career. But as they say, life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans…

Over the past few years, I‘ve reinvented myself several times – each ”reinvention“ accompanied by the feeling that the process is covered by a great fog. It wasn‘t completely clear to me what role I was after or what I‘m aiming for, but I knew what feeling I wanted to wake up with every morning.

And now, with three years standing between me and that lawyer who dared to dream, while I’m facing a new era in my professional life, I‘ve decided to write a guide for those who are recalculating their route.

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For the purpose of this very important mission, I‘ve recruited my personal expert for career matters – Shirley Glaz, Independent Recruiter for executive positions in the high-tech industry. The same person who two years earlier – recruited me to a start-up, and who also recently accompanied me in the process of finding the right position for me.

Armed with a wonderful ability to connect the dots and think outside the box. A creative individual, with the ability to listen and hold space that‘s usually only attributed to angels. Energetic and restless – with a magnificent smile. In short, Shirley is the right person to see you through a significant change in life.

Where can we find you every morning at eight thirty?

”Either working out, at the local cafe working on my laptop, or having a business meeting at a client‘s. I‘m a morning person, you‘ll always find me active at that hour. The great beauty about being self employed is that you can choose how to start your day, so I try to effectively take advantage of my morning – both on a personal and professional level“.

EIGHT30 lilach elgrably daniel wellington daniella lehavi POLI HOUSE HOTEL TEL AVIV H STERN

If you weren’t an independent Executive Recruiter for the high-tech industry, you’d probably be?

”Visiting hotels around the world. Wandering through different countries, hopping between resorts – and writing a blog about it“.

How should one start recalculating their career route?

”You start by listening to yourself. By trying to understand – what are the values you find important in life? What characterizes what you’d like to do? What areas in yourself do you find most important to fulfill? What do you like dealing with? How can you contribute more? For example, I chose to connect between candidates and high-tech companies because I like helping people. I like the connection I feel with them, but also – I love my freedom and flexible schedule.

It‘s important to determine deadlines for each goal that we‘ve set. To think where we‘d like to see ourselves five years from now and to take off from there. Another equally important issue – it‘s imperative to surround yourself with strong, positive, powerful people who will accompany you in the process.“

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What are the three things every person who wants to make a career change should consider, before heading on the job hunt?

To think outside the box – thought flexibility, openness to ideas and opportunities, letting go of definitions and patterns – because a job description doesn’t always reflect the content and potential a position actually holds.

Who said it would be easy? – A career change takes courage, leaving your comfort zone and venturing towards the unknown. When you head out on your journey, you‘ll have to decide on the right timing for you, and remember – this road might sometimes contain hardships and disappointment. So you can‘t forget your goal – or yourself.

Don‘t ”Just do it“ – Unlike the famous slogan, when you make a career change you should never ”just do“. You’re required to arrive prepared – gather information, research the market, acquire knowledge and professional tools – all of these constitute an important and compelling base. You should arrive to the process mature and able“.

What are the most effective tools for finding a job?

”Today, the world of job searching is more complex. To reach a desired position, you‘ll need a professional individual who will get to know you and accompany you in the process, who will know how to identify and make the most precise opportunity and connection for you. You should contact people who are well connected in the relevant field you’re aiming for. Spread the word. Use social media and designated platforms – like LinkedIn. If you don‘t have a LinkedIn profile, now‘s the time to create one. Today – everything happens online“.

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Job interviews – do you have any tips on how to succeed on an interview? And what should you wear?

”Breath – feeling excited is totally natural. Today, unlike in the past, 70% of a successful job interview relies on personality evaluation. Companies have long since understood that training people and filling professional shortages isn’t as big of a challenge as it used to be perceived. The main (and most complex) challenge lies in the human capital, and that‘s where the emphasis is placed. Show up with a positive attitude, the energy you exude is just as important as the words you speak. That coincides with the fact that a good atmosphere and good people contribute to wanting to spend time at a workplace.

Prepare in advance, but try to be yourselves. Find out all the details you can about the position, in order to make sure it‘s what you‘re looking for. Search online for questions you might expect to be asked at job interviews. Prepare example answers and try to match – as much as possible – your personally to the job description. Remember, the person sitting in front of you is trained at spotting the gaps, so it‘s important to rely on real examples and to be authentic.

Dress according to the office drsesscode – physical appearance has a great effect on the first impression you create. So it‘s important to choose an outfit that reflects the character of the company and the position – to maintain a neat, conservative and pleasant appearance. But it‘s most important that you feel comfortable in what you wear“.

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Do you have a tip for managing a successful career?

Managing a career starts with a choice – It‘s important to choose a path that‘s right for you and that provides the satisfaction you seek on an occupational level.

It‘s important to accumulate vast knowledge in your field of practice – it provides you with both confidence and professional recognition. Invest in your professional abilities – observe, listen, ask questions and learn.

Networking – create professional connections. Every meeting is an opportunity to create a connection that might bring forth opportunities later on.

Bring added value – today, the competition is huge. It‘s important to stand out and be unique. Think of yourselves as a brand and take action to promote yourself“.

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Starting an independent business – possible or presumptuous?

”Of course it‘s possible, but it‘s important to remember that alongside the many advantages there are to being self employed, there are also downsides and hardships. When you start a business – it‘s important to investigate and familiarize yourself with the expected difficulties, in order to know how to handle them. There‘s great responsibility resting on your shoulders. Starting an independent business requires great self-discipline, commitment, a willingness to apply yourself and lots of patience. You should know how to plan this step financially, professionally and personally“.

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No matter what comes about and whatever road you chose – We wish you the best of luck! 

THANK YOU: the POLI HOUSE tel aviv & Shirley Glaz ♥

LOOKs BY: Lilach Elgrably

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pink leather visor: Studio Schermann

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