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Landed in Paris. While I was sitting on the plane waiting for it to enter the terminal, I turned my phone on … like everyone else.

"Nothing exciting has happened in the last few hours," I thought. But the green notification light flickered excitedly and signaled otherwise. On the other side of the screen, a short message from a charming representative of the Céline fashion house

"Dear Kochavit,

I hope this finds you well.

I am happy to let you know that we have been able to grant you an invitation for the W17 Céline show".

"Amazing!" I thought to myself. While I was crossing continents, someone made an effort to ensure I don’t miss one of the most interesting shows of the French Fashion Week.

Whether you like the unique style of Céline or not, this fashion house won’t leave you indifferent not even for a moment. They will make you curious, make you think, confuse you and give you an experience that will stay with you even after you leave the showroom.

So here I was, on a rainy afternoon, travelling to the Paris Tennis Club to experience the 2017 autumn-winter fashion show by the Céline fashion house.

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The showroom was jam packed full of items – many crowded stage lights decorated the ceiling. The seats were divided into three circular blocks, in between them was a curved path and at the back of the showroom was a large white screen. I tried to understand what each element symbolizes, where the models will come from and then … The white screen was lit up and the viewers were given a glimpse from behind the scenes. The silhouette of models standing in line danced on the screen, along with the rest of the crew, who were working feverishly to complete the prep for the opening of the show.

eight30 blog - céline - paris fashion week - AW17eight30 blog - céline - paris fashion week - AW17

When the signal was given, the models went out into the showroom, and in perfect sync, the spectator seats began to move in a circular motion, like a pair of gears working together. The models surrounded the guests and walked the curved catwalk in an uneven or orderly way, as the seats continued to move. As the minutes passed, I found myself feeling like I was standing in the middle of a busy intersection, looking in all directions and trying to understand where traffic was coming from.  

eight30 blog - céline - paris fashion week - AW17eight30 blog - céline - paris fashion week - AW17

Messy order, organized mess … Whatever you call it, it left me totally in awe and grateful for the opportunity :-)   

eight30 blog - céline - paris fashion week - AW17eight30 blog - céline - paris fashion week - AW17



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