EIGHT30 - dana sidi - love - valentine's day - gold


Valentine’s Day is here again and with it so are the fashion magazines colored in red and pink, in an attempt to inspire us… Come on, what a cliché.

I do not know about you, but in my eyes, there are many colors that can describe love and relationships can take on different forms, so the traditional pattern is too narrow to contain them all.

So, since the percentage of men who read my blog recently rose, I decided to save my red hearts and this time write to the hearts of both sexes.

EIGHT30 - dana sidi - love - valentine's day - gold - Martella bags

For you, the beautiful sex, I will sum it up with a brief and sweet sentence by Oscar Wilde – "You can never be overdressed or overeducated".

Valentine's Day is a wonderful opportunity to be fun and make an effort. Yes! Even if it’s your husband of 20 years. Time to get rid of the jeans or the black dress and sport a more feminine, elegant and different look.

As an inspiration, I chose two dresses by the designer Dana Sidi, which are a bit unusual and flattering to almost every body type. By the way, if you have already decided to combine a red or pink item for symbolism, Martella bags unique collection will enhance every look.

EIGHT30 - dana sidi - love - valentine's day - gold - Martella bags

As for you, my male friends, I have compiled a list of ideas and upgrades. After all, you didn’t really think that you would come out with me wearing a nice buttoned up shirt? ;-)

Location, location, location – The traditional restaurant and bar will always do the job, but between us, what about a little thinking outside the box? Allow yourself to surprise occasionally with a simple, old-fashioned date such as a drive-in movie, picnic in a park or on the beach.

EIGHT30 - dana sidi - love - valentine's day - gold - h.stern

Sake – Forget about beer and a fancy cocktail, go for a nice alcoholic treat from Japan. The combination of delicate taste, charming small glasses and the unusual choice will create magic. And another little tip for you to think of, for those who are interested – ask for dry cold sake.

EIGHT30 - dana sidi - love - valentine's day - gold - h.stern

About taste and smell – take us to a taste evening. Cheese, wine, chocolate or whiskey … it doesn’t really matter, as long as the guide is a pro and the senses work.

Let's get personal – tell us a funny or embarrassing story from your past. Humor, especially self-humor, are our favorite traits. But most importantly, compliment us! After all… we put in some serious effort!

EIGHT30 - dana sidi - love - valentine's day - gold - Martella bags

Hope we all have a happy day of love heart

Served as a public service  :-)

DRESSes & jacket: dana sidi / pink bag: Martella bags


thank you: Azrieli Group

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