eight 30 - castro fashion


I like to finish my day with a good meal or catching up with friends. Shed the seriousness, the weight of responsibility from the tasks and duties and just let myself be me. My days are pretty packed, sometimes my work hours are getting longer and the clock at work shows me twice that it's eight thirty on the same day, which means that I need to pack my bags, get in the car and take a sharp turn into a totally different parallel reality. Remind me where Ms.Parton works?! "Nine to Five" Sounds like an amazing working day to me! Calling Dolly – it's time to put out a new updated version of your song! Seven is totally the new five ;- )

After a few minutes of driving, the pulse drops. I enter into a dim and impressive state, far from the office's neon lights, engulf myself in the warmth only reserved for some of my favorite, very special, culinary institutions and breathing in the air that is saturated with stories from faraway places. I try to arrive a little before my friends, invite myself to a drink, relax and allow myself to switch off today's software and upload the light evening program. A few minutes of a date with myself and reflection on the day that was and that to come.

On such days I know I should dress accordingly. Prepare a proper fashionable Cocktail outfit that combines the meticulous and official office appearance and a light and feminine touch that suits the evening … I am heading out after all!

For the Cocktail to be successful, it is important to use quality ingredients and the proper dosage. Mix a handful of seriousness and professionalism with a pinch of audacity. Combine a tailored jacket with a flirty cocktail dress suitable for "happy hour", upgrade your performance by adding jewelry and accessories, replace the buttoned shirt with a tight top that shows off your figure, or even a sleeveless T-Shirt.

In short, you got it! Shake it up and serve chilled. Enjoy your night!

eight 30 - castro fashioneight 30 - castro fashioneight 30 - castro fashioneight 30 - castro fashioneight 30 - castro fashioneight 30 - castro fashion


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