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You know that moment when you look at a picture from your past, embarrassed and say to yourself "My god, I can't believe I once looked like that?"

I'll give you a hint, it's usually the picture from some school party, an overnight trip or a family event, those you prepared for, and spent time, hours and thoughts in front of the mirror.

I have a few pictures like that, but the most memorable one, is the one most taken, during my recruitment party for the army – dressed in a purple, velvet maxi dress, brown colored lipstick, long hair and thin eyebrows, you can't get anymore embarrassing than that! By the way, for years that miserable picture was shown to every passerby in my dad's office (dad if you haven't destroyed it yet, this is the time to do so).

What was I thinking when I put together that heavy look?! There's no way that I actually thought I looked fashionable and cool… but then velvet came back to my life.

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Everyone that knows me knows that I always preach color – "colors, colors, colors!" To try new shades, think outside the box and adopt a new look.

But every few seasons there is one color that stands out, that turns every visit to a shop into a trip back in time, as if I went back to my days in the Army and entered the military storekeeping. There, from the top of the gun cleaning cloth hills and the mountains of old rugged uniforms, you can't help but remember, the amused look on the face of the most important man in the area. The stylist that decides destinies and sets the future – who will be a bombshell and who will bomb out – the store keeper.

In other words, I as well, just like many Israelis, developed a certain caution and suspicion towards this shade of green. Still, five years in the army did their job (Lieutenant Kochavit Akunis, nice to meet you).

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Sea of documents surrounding me,

On my dress some drops of a pen’s ink,

Thousands of messages are waiting in my inbox,

Gladly in Shavuot I will get to rest.

(a take-off on the familiar shavuot holiday song)

Every time Shavuot holiday arrives, all magazines are then filled with young, glowing women with rosy cheeks. These photos always make me wonder who are these women, standing in the center of a golden crops field? Are they planning to sing in the gardens?

…I don’t know what about you, but in Tel Aviv there aren’t any corps fields, and also I haven’t really had the chance to jump around any fields lately. At the most, I found myself singing and dancing to some toddler songs with my young niece in the middle of the living room.

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In a few days we will put on our best outfit, gather around a table and ask "Why is this night different from all the other nights?"

That's actually a good question. Why is this night different?

There are things that I guess will never change, like the muddy rain on a sparkly clean window before "Seder" night, or that existential discussion on whether to "continue to read the "Agada" (tale) after the meal?"

Though a season has passed, Spring is blooming around us and change is in the air. So what awaits us in Spring – Summer 2016? And what awaits me??

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They say that Lawyers sometimes can really go on. As a lawyer, I can't confirm or deny that rumor, of course, but there are some days where I wonder how is it that no one has come up with an application to cancel out all unnecessary background noises, gets rid of all the nonsense and delivers the cold hard bottom line on a silver platter.

Like many people, I also think that one should adopt certain seriousness, depth, professionalism and promptness in life… but what about all the nonsense!?

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