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The rumors are that the Israeli fashion industry is a closed, competitive and alienated field.

"It's all personal!" A colleague once told me during a professional debate we had. Despite the rumors, I decided to avoid prejudices and stick to the good. I was convinced that I would meet good people along the way … Evidently, optimism is the name of the game.

One of the first women to blossom, and that was happy to cooperate with me, was fashion designer Einav Zucker, who owns the fashion brand named – Zucker. My blog was only a few months old (between you and me, there was a time when my mom and her friends were my only followers), but Einav didn’t set conditions or ask any questions. She smiled politely and invited me to her charming studio. Today, two years later, I decided to give this talented designer a place of honor in my Career Women's Club, which is a source of inspiration for me.

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A month ago, customs officials stopped me at the airport.

Four in the afternoon, as I happily walked along the green path, the customs officer yelled – ”You! Come here please. Put the suitcase in the x-ray machine".

I loaded the suitcase onto the conveyor belt and burst out laughing. It was clear to me that when I opened the case the officer would be instantly embarrassment.

"Tell me, what you have in the suitcase? Do you have any diamonds?" He asked, looking harshly at the screen.

"I'll show them to you right now", I said giggling, trying to hold back my uncontrollable laugh.

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So, what's with this whole New Year's Eve thing?

Two weeks before the day, target in mind, we set up a “war room“ and call every possible acquaintance because, well, we need a party!

We haven’t been out for a whole year, the living room sofa seemed like the most tempting option for a night out, but suddenly … no! We’re these crazy party animals. We must go out and dance!

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What are we all looking for anyway? I swear it's simple!

A person who will believe in us, a love that will make our heart melt, a little inspiration and a fun jacket that can be worn all winter. You know … something flattering that’s also unique, because we’re not like all the rest ;-)

This time I decided to devote an article to the star of winter 2017/18 – the jacket.

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The cold season is upon us again. Ok, well maybe not yet, but it will be here very soon.

As one who isn't a big fan of the cold, I admit that the move to daylight saving time got me a little excited. So yes, there's nothing exciting about leaving the office when it's already dark, even when it's still early, but on the other hand, the fashion style unique to this season definitely puts a smile on my face… so much so that, after the first rain, I hurried outside dressed in my shiny new knit sweater, only to find out that it's still like 25 degrees outside. What we call "we're definitely NOT in Europe" ;-)

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