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Baby boom

Come on, you didn’t really believe that a trend aficionado such as myself could possibly skip the hottest trend of this period – the “baby boom”?!

I swear, judging by my Instagram feed – EVERYONE’s pregnant these days.

Well, you know how it is – there was a country-wide lockdown, we had already finished watching every possible show on Netflix… AND we drank lots of wine ;-) Continue Reading

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The days are the days of Corona, and it seems as if we‘ve all been cast to involuntarily participate in a horror film.

I tried to think of a way to improve the atmosphere (if only slightly), because surely – there‘s only so much time one can spend reading about the progress of the pandemic?!
Optimists suggest patiently waiting for spring and the warmer days it brings, so it felt appropriate to inform you about the fashion trends that will characterize spring/summer 2020… Because masks, nylon gloves and white jumpsuits will no longer be in style, and it‘s best to stay up to date ;-) Continue Reading

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 (Wedding bells ringing)

We may not have a magnet on the refrigerator from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding… though it could have been nice to take a picture with Aunt Elizabeth, wearing ridiculous five-storey hats. But don’t worry, wedding season is here and many magnets are making their way to us, since the party doesn’t start without a show magnet (seriously now, who invented this nonsense?!)

So in order to prevent you from looking at a yellowing picture in a couple of years, wondering “what was I thinking when I wore the dress?” I decided to collect for you a number of recommendations for putting together a glamorous and on point look for the event and festivity season.

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breakfast of champions

“Coming to the beach?” Two words I have never used during a work day (…unfortunately). But there are some lucky ladies that call the beach their office and the sun their desk lamp running their career to its light.

As part of the article series about career women who inspire me, this week I decided to host an impressive woman who made the sea in to a glorious career. A real champion with awards (!!!) – Attorney Vered Bouskila, former Olympic sailor and vice president of business development and project management at the Israeli Olympic Committee. Continue Reading

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Spring it on!

EIGHT30's guide to the key fashion trends to know about for spring/summer 2018

Good morning, spring is here!

Important existential questions like "Where do you celebrate the Passover Seder?“ Fill the air. New designs and models pop up like mushrooms after the rain and the office is handing out holiday coupons again.

So, before you rush to cash in those gift cards on pots for your mother, I've decided to share with you the list of trends you must adopt in spring – summer 2018.

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