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A New Year is at our doorstep and if we look back, there is no doubt that this past year was significant, exciting and very formative. I made some brave decisions, of which I have written in the past, I've accomplished quite a few dreams, but most of all I've lived some amazing experiences. I put my life on a new path, and now it's time to have the cruise control system continue at the same speed and adopt resolutions and goals for the new year.

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If we adopt the forecast from the magazines, then it seems the upcoming Autumn is looking quite floral. When you think about it, there's something a little odd about choosing floral or bloom during a season that is mainly affiliated with fallen leaves and bare trees. But perhaps the very opposite is the whole point – from the "nothing" will grow the "something".

Many times in my life growth and renewal sprouted during periods that were gray and gloomy. The lack meaning and truth was really eating at me and didn't stop, until it became that powerful engine that drives change.

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About a week ago all the kids went back to school. That morning, as I hurried to a meeting, I passed the school adjacent to my house and through the blue gate I couldn't help but noticing a bunch of girls and boys who gathered at the courtyard. I got into my car and after a short ride I found myself sailing through memories and drifting through thoughts about school.

Every one of us has memories from school. There are those whose memories were made while sitting at the cafeteria table, those who discovered the secrets of life in the backseat of the annual bus trip, others spent their time in the library and all sorts of events I have already forgotten. I was the nerd in the second row. Why the second row? Come on, what did you think I would be? The nerd in the front row? ;- )

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I don't know which social circles you hang out in, but one look at my friends will testify that they belong to the "Venus's (Hebrew: Noga) women" club – Opinionated career women, leaders and influencers in their industry, with keen fashion sense and fine taste (how could it not be?!).

I decided to expose the ladies of this secret club, my source of inspiration, in a series of posts. After all, Eight Thirty is not just my hour. Allow me to introduce Noga Plotnik – The head of Public Relations for Castro and Yves Rocher's marketing manager – a French cosmetics and beauty brand, mother to Romi and Michael, wife to Ohad (… only god knows how she lets him interview Hamas operatives on a daily basis) and president of the club "Blondes have more fun".

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You're probably familiar with this – The workday is over, the sun is refusing to set and you've decided to take advantage of the rest of the day and spend it in summer style.

You've left the office proud of yourself for the burst of spontaneity and the sudden zest for life, you fill your lungs with fresh air and suddenly a free spirit crosses your path. Her long flowy hair blowing in the wind, her legs light like a gazelle and before you could even say snapchat she throws this look your way, like an arrow hitting its target, and says "excuse me Ma'am"?

Excuse me??? Ma'am??? Do I look like a Madam to you!?

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