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There's a saying that says – if you want to know what you would look like twenty years from now, look at your mother.

Daddy don't take this the wrong way, but I really hope this saying is right!  

Although, my mother does run a beauty salon and is somewhat of a guru in the pampering and style departments which makes my wrinkle potential even higher as a capital market lawyer. But if we investigate the matter further, a long road awaits me to be the career woman/mom/successful and inspiring wife like her.

… I just hope that I will know how to operate the TV remote control better (what is it with Moms and electronics ?!).

Recently, a topic came up in conversation about how there are fewer mature women in the fashion industry. I must admit that this topic struck a chord in my heart, especially since in the last couple of years I feel like my or my parents' biological age doesn't suit our mental age. I'm not sure what it's like in your family, but my folks spent way more time than me on beaches in Thailand or on the main street of Las Vegas. That's why when I was offered by Aristo shmat to join this project where my Mom was the model, I took it up straight away and hugged warmly this opportunity that fell in my lap, to show the beautiful side of mature women.

So until I look like my Mother, I dedicate these words of Yair Lapid to you all –

"A forty year old woman can be so beautiful it's breathtaking, and when she tells you you're an idiot, listen, because she knows what she's talking about. She's not some girl, she's a forty year old woman and she has been through enough to understand that life is only beginning."

eight30 - mom - alice - aristo shmateight30 - mom - alice - aristo shmateight30 - mom - alice - aristo shmateight30 - mom - alice - aristo shmat

look by: aristo shmat / PHOTOGRAPHED BY: eli bohbot / MAKEUP: elran efargan (solo) / Production and Concept: Shahaf segal – roni arnon pr

thank you: alice akunis – my beautiful mom!!! & nimrod kapeluto my friend

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