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Good morning, it's eight thirty and it's time to shine!

Before you escape the hot summer sun rays that penetrate the neon office spaces, let's talk about how much you let yourself glow? yes, to shine, from the inside and out.

So ok, you might not be that crazy jumpy girl at the full moon parties in Thailand, you've swapped the colorful body paint with highlighters, tags and sticky notes and threw away, a long time ago, that GAZOZ or OP Tshirt that you got as a present in junior high, but what does all this have to do with your desire to feel great?!

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eight30 - mom - alice - aristo shmat


There's a saying that says – if you want to know what you would look like twenty years from now, look at your mother.

Daddy don't take this the wrong way, but I really hope this saying is right!  

Although, my mother does run a beauty salon and is somewhat of a guru in the pampering and style departments which makes my wrinkle potential even higher as a capital market lawyer. But if we investigate the matter further, a long road awaits me to be the career woman/mom/successful and inspiring wife like her.

… I just hope that I will know how to operate the TV remote control better (what is it with Moms and electronics ?!).

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eight30 - purim 2016 - mask - black dress - red valentino - h.stern - mango


(or…not every day is Purim)

Tomorrow we'll be celebrating PURIM, my favorite holiday! …Between us, all the rest of the holidays are downers.

As the years go by, I find this holiday happier and more important. I guess on this day adults put on their costumes in order to "shed" the everyday masks and defenses (can't believe I just referred to myself as an "adult").

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eight30 - topshop - zara - MARC BY MARC JACOBS - gabaya - black


Black is the new black!

Oh no, sorry… Orange is the new Black!

Oh… actually, active wear is the new black! And here is the message received just now – Transparent is the new black!

What's the deal with "the new black"?! What's so wrong with the old black?

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eight30 - Little black dress - juicy couture - h.stern - valentino


What is it with women and the little black dress (also known as LBD)?!
I checked, and I must have at least twenty of these in my closet. Dresses, black, small, all types and cuts – wide, tight, long, short, cheap and expensive.
When it comes to the LBD I'm sure I'm not special or different from any other woman, so what's the deal?! Why do we obsessively collect little black dresses and even prefer them, often, over other types of dresses or other garments? How did the little black dress become the most common item in every woman's closet?

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