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Two Scoops of Vacation with sunshine on Top

A few weeks ago I went on vacation with my friends after a (too) long period where I didn't allow myself to rest or simply lounge around. I stepped off the high heels, let my feet detach from the ground, removed formality from myself and for a week I spent my days in the wind. I ate, laughed, danced, experienced, saw, ate again, bought and couldn't get enough of it.

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June is coming up, and honestly I have no idea where did March, April and May have disappeared to… Where have I been?! What have I done???

This is not me complaining god forbid, and I really do love the summer, but this time around I just feel like it came really early, hasn’t it?

So before it gets too hot in here and we all start stripping our clothes off and spend time in the beach, before everyone in the office is leaving on a holiday with their kids or fly off to some bachelor party, and right before the battle of the sexes between men and women begins over how low we set the air-condition temperature – I wanted to share some fashionable tips for the upcoming season.

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There's a saying that says – if you want to know what you would look like twenty years from now, look at your mother.

Daddy don't take this the wrong way, but I really hope this saying is right!  

Although, my mother does run a beauty salon and is somewhat of a guru in the pampering and style departments which makes my wrinkle potential even higher as a capital market lawyer. But if we investigate the matter further, a long road awaits me to be the career woman/mom/successful and inspiring wife like her.

… I just hope that I will know how to operate the TV remote control better (what is it with Moms and electronics ?!).

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Two days ago was Valentine's Day. Valentines is one of those days that if you didn't prepare for it you will remember it (…or, worst case scenario, you'll be reminded) for a long time.

If you're in a relationship and forgot to buy a bunch of flowers, sweet pralines or reserve a table at a fancy restaurant, going home is under your responsibility! If you're single, going out alone is under your responsibility. I mean, it doesn't really matter what your relationship status is, the grass will always look shinier and greener in your neighbor's yard.

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What is it with women and the little black dress (also known as LBD)?!
I checked, and I must have at least twenty of these in my closet. Dresses, black, small, all types and cuts – wide, tight, long, short, cheap and expensive.
When it comes to the LBD I'm sure I'm not special or different from any other woman, so what's the deal?! Why do we obsessively collect little black dresses and even prefer them, often, over other types of dresses or other garments? How did the little black dress become the most common item in every woman's closet?

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