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Somewhere out there in the African bush, there's a tigress walking around proudly in a tight skirt and high heels.

… Yeah, well, maybe not. But in the urban jungle where I live, she roams the streets freely.

Good morning, leopard print is back!

Before you scrunch up your noses at me, let me open with a little confession – Leopard print is one of my favorite fashion trends. I have no explanation for it. I guess the hours of watching Peggy Bundy on high heels while wearing shiny slacks, leopard print shirts and puffy hair did the job during my childhood (For those of you who are not familiar with this character, you probably didn’t grown up in the 80's).

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Morning. The Chanel Post is up and running.

I’m filled with pride, but am also totally stressed and full of expectations mixed with tiredness, after many full-on exhausting days… But hey! at least I have great make up to hide the little dark bags under my eyes ;- )

Outside is stormy and rainy – a perfect scene for drama.

I fixed myself a cup of coffee, sat down and with a sigh I thought to myself – what next? where do we go from here? 

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If we adopt the forecast from the magazines, then it seems the upcoming Autumn is looking quite floral. When you think about it, there's something a little odd about choosing floral or bloom during a season that is mainly affiliated with fallen leaves and bare trees. But perhaps the very opposite is the whole point – from the "nothing" will grow the "something".

Many times in my life growth and renewal sprouted during periods that were gray and gloomy. The lack meaning and truth was really eating at me and didn't stop, until it became that powerful engine that drives change.

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  Every morning when I wish you all good morning, I think to myself where it is that I meet you? With the morning coffee? On the way to the office? In the middle of an important department meeting?

If we're talking about one particular career woman then one thing is definitely clear – She's already managed to get up to date with all the latest, listen to the morning show, blow dry her hair, straighten it, put on THE perfect outfit and make it to the office while reading every email and message possible. All that after an extremely short night because she simply had to stay up and watch the most popular TV show. In other words – meet Attorney at Law Liat Golan.

A few weeks ago I decided to expose, in a series of articles, these secret career women club members who are a constant source of inspiration to me.

WARNING: The following article is not for the faint hearted! ;- )

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