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In a few days we will celebrate the Israeli Independence Day. I don't know about you, but we're talking about one of my favorite days of the year.

 Although hitting the streets might put you at risk of meeting a snotty teenager that might pull out the snow spray or crazy string spray on you, but what is this risk in comparison to the sheer pleasure of watching the torch lighting ceremony and bannerman, the fireworks displays, eating falafel and dancing to songs of "blue and white"? 

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All the trees wore green and I wore jeans and a hat… Because I'M FINALLY ON VACATION!

How awesome is it to take a break and jump into weekend attire or the "Friday dress code" as I like to call it. Only those who work at a place that has a strict dress code will relate – There is one shelf, a small one, in my closet where my "freedom" clothes lay. The jeans, the singles, T-shirts and all my other favorite items that don't make it into the office.

During the week I find myself looking, and not just once, at that shelf and even incorporate one of those items with my tailored office look. Though there isn't a better feeling than packing your suitcase full of holiday clothes.

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How are you at eight thirty in the morning?
I always say that the world is divided into two types of people – morning people and night people. There is, of course, the classic difference between winter and summer people, but for now let's focus on a few moments in the morning.
I'm not a morning person. This reaction may sound a bit surprising, since I chose to call my blog "EIGHT30", but this fact has a few incriminating signs – my alarm clock rings several times each morning, at ten minute intervals, and to me, that sleep between the rings is the sweetest. Usually, I plan what I will wear to work while I lay in bed and I'm pretty confident that this is a genius way to make the most of my time. I've actually developed pretty creative methods and ideas for dealing with this very complex event. One of them, by the way, is to get up two hours (!) before starting work and begin the morning calmly.
I noticed that my choice of outfit was heavily influenced by the way I woke up and the extent of how tired I was. So, I decided to experiment whether this would work in reverse. Would knowing that a new and beautiful piece of clothing that is waiting for me in my wardrobe, affect my effective and timely morning routine?

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November began for me with a slowly rising expectation, like the soothing opening of a familiar song. It's not really that hot anymore, and not quite cold, but the winds of change are blowing in the air, reminding me of winter in on the doorstep. Time to prepare for the cold season, for the convergence, the season where ideas will prosper and new beginnings will emerge.

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My mother always says "you can't buy good taste". I agree with her.
Those who know me know that one of my favorite sports is bargain hunting. I reckon if there was an official bargain hunting competition, I would win the title of ''2 for a 100 long distance champion'' At least! ;- )
It probably doesn't seem like it and there are probably people who say "That one? Bargains? That fancy pants has probably never seen the inside of a market in her life" … But it's the truth.

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