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So where are you spending the holiday?

I don’t know what about you, but my family is always willing to trade the holiday meal for Ben-Gurion Airport queues. We all know, after all, that nothing beats the holiday atmosphere at the airport! The congestion, the crowded security checks and the wonderful feeling that you may miss your flight any minute now ;-)

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When I came up with EIGHT30, I wanted to open the doors to my world and create a space where career women can get inspiration and ideas for integrating fashion and style into their lifestyles. Since then, just like a fine Swiss watch, I’m writing, editing, shooting and producing content for you, in the hope that it touches you. I look for the exact look that will fit into the right scene and that tells an interesting story, from a slightly different perspective… simple ;-)

To this day, I haven’t exposed my creative and work process, except for little peeks and "behind the scenes" videos on my Instagram stories (if you’re not familiar with this concept yet, click on the profile picture of my Instagram account – you’ll discover a whole world of content). Though each "innocent" image has had hours of work invested in it, thought and discussions with Nimrod my photographer and prolonged staring into the distance (I wonder if you too stare in to the distance as you ponder?).

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eight30 - Maskit Boutique Hotel in Liman - kipling bag - zara shoes - vacation - getaway - lilach elgrably - dress


I went on vacation outside the city. Just like that. In the middle of the week.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of that even being possible, without booking time off in advance from work, without rescheduling meetings and starting to program my “out of office” messages, excites the hell out of me. I can’t remember the last time I answered “YES” to a spontaneous getaway, without using those awful pair of words "board meeting".

This whole occurrence was so unusual to the point where even Mrs. Waze didn’t believe her eyes when I input the destination – Moshav Liman, which is located along the coast of Western Galilee. I even had to stop twice (!) Just to make sure I was going in the right direction.

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I don't know which social circles you hang out in, but one look at my friends will testify that they belong to the "Venus's (Hebrew: Noga) women" club – Opinionated career women, leaders and influencers in their industry, with keen fashion sense and fine taste (how could it not be?!).

I decided to expose the ladies of this secret club, my source of inspiration, in a series of posts. After all, Eight Thirty is not just my hour. Allow me to introduce Noga Plotnik – The head of Public Relations for Castro and Yves Rocher's marketing manager – a French cosmetics and beauty brand, mother to Romi and Michael, wife to Ohad (… only god knows how she lets him interview Hamas operatives on a daily basis) and president of the club "Blondes have more fun".

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