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All the trees wore green and I wore jeans and a hat… Because I'M FINALLY ON VACATION!

How awesome is it to take a break and jump into weekend attire or the "Friday dress code" as I like to call it. Only those who work at a place that has a strict dress code will relate – There is one shelf, a small one, in my closet where my "freedom" clothes lay. The jeans, the singles, T-shirts and all my other favorite items that don't make it into the office.

During the week I find myself looking, and not just once, at that shelf and even incorporate one of those items with my tailored office look. Though there isn't a better feeling than packing your suitcase full of holiday clothes.

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Once, we used to send postcards. Write ourselves in as neat handwriting as possible, and describe our great experiences reserved to distant lands, written on top of a spectacular and colorful image.
I spent the holiday break here in Tel Aviv, so I really wanted to write about my exciting experiences. About the city that swept me in and about the quiet, calm and rest that made my days so pleasant, but none of that really happened …

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