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Two Scoops of Vacation with sunshine on Top

A few weeks ago I went on vacation with my friends after a (too) long period where I didn't allow myself to rest or simply lounge around. I stepped off the high heels, let my feet detach from the ground, removed formality from myself and for a week I spent my days in the wind. I ate, laughed, danced, experienced, saw, ate again, bought and couldn't get enough of it.

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November began for me with a slowly rising expectation, like the soothing opening of a familiar song. It's not really that hot anymore, and not quite cold, but the winds of change are blowing in the air, reminding me of winter in on the doorstep. Time to prepare for the cold season, for the convergence, the season where ideas will prosper and new beginnings will emerge.

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l’shana tova

(Happy new year)

The new year always gets me filled with emotions and infuses me with high hopes for the coming year, that me and my loved ones will prosper, realize our dreams, love, rejoice, bloom and that goodness shall be all around.
The week before Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year) brings about a special festivity which is characterized by the ritual search for the best holiday recipe, finding the perfect gift for the hosts and of course the existential question "Where will you spend the holidays?"
An important part of the ritual, reserved for this special week, is to find an evening dress for the holiday meal… It is well known that the new year cannot begin without an oil stain or a wine stain on the new dress ;- )

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EIGHT30 - SAMMER ROMANCE - roni kantor


An intensive and dynamic work environment, such as an investment house, requires a strong and assertive presence which is also expressed by looks.
But there are days where I feel like being different… soft, feminine and romantic.
On such days I wear dresses with an airy shape or loose clothes, made of soft fabrics, suitable for the hot summer days. This creates an elegant, comfortable and light look.
To maintain formality and add a luxurious tone, I put on some sparkling accessories… and most importantly – a smile! The most beautiful piece of jewelry you can wear.

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Hat in French / common use – "well done"
You're a career woman, hard-working, still you manage to combine professionalism, responsibility, commitment, family, friends, being feminine, style and fashion. Amazing! Chapeau!
But… which Chapeau?!
I collected some popular hats for you, so you can choose your own ;- )