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Kisim is Esrim

(“Es-rim” – the Hebrew word for twenty)

Perhaps it’s the new year that just started, or the fact that in a few months – a new decade begins in my life (talk to me in June), I really don’t know… But lately, I’ve found myself calculating and measuring –

what have I accomplished over the years? What does the path I chose to walk down look like? What goals have I reached and what do the next decades have in store?

As part of my series of articles on career women who inspire me, I decided to feature Yael Rosen Ben-Shachar this week, who’s celebrating twenty (!) years of original Israeli creation at Kisim” (pockets in Hebrew) – the handbag brand she owns.

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First thing that pops to mind when I hear fringe – Tina Turner!
There isn't another woman in the world that is best known for that trend and the way to best capitalize on its advantages, more than her
(yes that's right, I grew up in the 80's).
Maybe it's due to the mesmerizing movement of those thin strips of fabric that we are blessed with a brief comeback of this flapping trend on the runways every few years.

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Rock ‘n’ Rules

I do not know whether it is the fact that I was named Kochavit (little star) or my Haifa background, but I have a weakness for rock stars. Jagger, Kravitz, Bon Jovi… bursting with charisma and bouncing around on stage in leather pants.
Rock stars' features and looks were long ago adopted by world leaders in fashion and are reflected in items that combine studs and chains, as well as a new interpretation of the familiar leather pants and army boots.
So how do you introduce rock stardom into the office?!

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Lately, people have been asking me "What's the story behind Eight 30?" and before I can get a word in edgeways, they immediately follow with a second question – "But you're a lawyer aren't you? Surely those aren't the clothes you wear to the office?"

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Good morning it’s EIGHT30!